Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ceramic Figures from 1979

I thought I'd share a recent flea market find. Here are a trio of ceramic Looney Tunes figures from 1979. I have had the Porky figure in my collection for awhile, but I only recently stumbled across Sylvester (who seems to be striking the girliest pose possible --- c'mon, it even looks like he's wearing lipstick!) and Wile E. Coyote (which actually looks really nice). I am not sure which company made them or how many are in the set, but if you have any more info feel free to leave a comment.


Julius Gryphon said...

Those figures were made by a company called Price. My understanding is that they made 10 different pieces. In addition to those three, I personally own an Elmer, a Yosemite Sam, and a Daffy. I agree the Wile E. is really nice looking. The Daffy is pretty good too although slightly too large for the rest of the set.

In the same year, Price also released 10 ceramic/bisque bells. Each bell was white with a sitting character acting as the handle.

Price also created at least 3 musical bisques. These were the type that you wind and they spin around while playing a tune. The ones I know of each had a pair of characters in mid chase: Porky & Daffy, Bugs & Elmer, and Wile E. & the Road Runner.

Anonymous said...

I recently found and purchased a 12 " high
Sylvester the Cat holding Tweety Bird
behind his back. I found it at the Flea Market
in Albuquerque New Mexico. I was wondering
if there were any more figurines of this size
to be found, and I'm finding that they are rare
in this size. Let me know if you know of a website
to buy any more of these. Thank you.

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