Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Old Cartoon Network Treasures

I found some other cool stuff from Cartoon Network on my old tapes this weekend.

First up, the opening, closing and informational segments from "The Bob Clampett Show" as it aired in 2001:

The Chuck Jones show wasn't very good. It was an "auto-pilot" show on Cartoon Network that often goofed and aired cartoons by other directors. There were no informational segments. But the opening and closing were fun.

In 2001, Cartoon Network had a "Day After Thanksgiving" marathon of the Looney Tunes compilation movies. This is the trailer they aired:

And here's the opening and closing to "Bugs and Daffy":



hylatio said...

Wow, I remember all of these, good memories. Amazing how different it was just a decade ago!

All of these bumpers in this and the last post are better than what CN used for the month or so they showed Looney Tunes last year... hopefully they'll use these or something better when they show them again.

esahC said...

Good times. Good times.

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