Saturday, August 29, 2009

Green Day Does "Food Around the Corner"

It would seem that Tre Cool, drummer for the rock band Green Day, is a Looney Tunes fan. A fan's home video of an early Green Day gig in 1994 has surfaced on Youtube, in which the band performs "Food Around the Corner", the flea's song from Bob Clampett's 1943 classic "An Itch In Time"! There are a couple different performances on Youtube, so they must've done it several times. In this version, Cool and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong do it as a country-fied harmony piece, and it must've caught their punk-rock fans off guard! Here's the clincher: It's GOOD! See for yourself!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

David DePatie Interview on YouTube

Here's an interesting YouTube find - a two-part twenty-minute interview with David DePatie. In part one, DePatie talks about the final days of WB's animation department, his friendship with Friz Freleng, the formation of the DePatie-Freleng studio and the origins of the Pink Panther:

In Part 2, DePatie talks about the studio's transition to television, the DePatie-Freleng Warner shorts, and the 1970s TV series, Here Comes the Grump.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Review of "Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle" by the Angry Video Game Nerd

James Rolfe, aka "The Angry Video Game Nerd", an internet cult-favorite sensation, has had a long-smoldering feud with Bugs Bunny. The premise of his internet "series" on is that he is an angy nerd who plays really terrible old-time video games and gives them reviews they deserve. He once reviewed "The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout", and in the process had a fight with Bugs Bunny (actually artist/actor/cartoon fan Mike Matei in a costume!). This is the sequel to that legendary face-off...and unlike "Birthday Blowout", this game really does deserve the Nerd's wrath.

WARNING: This video contains coarse language and is violent, crass and offensive...but funny as heck!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Looney Tunes Glasses Commercial

Here's a commercial for the 1979 series of Pepsi Looney Tunes glasses. These were actually given away at any restaurant that served Pepsi products, but this ad is for "Del Taco". Pepsi did a LOT of these cartoon glasses during the 1970's, Matthew talked about the great 1973 Looney Tunes glasses in this post. The ad below isn't anything groundbreaking and doesn't even contain any animation... but it has Mel Blanc doing all the voices, making it worthy of a Misce-Looney-ous post!

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