Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Sky Scraper Caper" Commentary

Here's my commentary on a really lousy later short by Alex Lovy.


Christopher said...

Boy I'll tell ya, there's one good thing about bad cartoons - they can provide hilarious commintaries! XD

Love your views on this 'toon Matt, right up to your mention on Mel Blanc's stranged voice section. That had me in fits! What makes this 'toon even worst is who in their right mind would buy, or even sell, ice cream at 10 in the morning!?

WileE2005 said...

Awesome commentary. I agree the animation was horrible here. I'd love to see how Chuck Jones and his team would've handled this short, and have Carl Stalling do the score instead of Bill Lava. It looks almost like a Filmation cartoon for Pete's sake!

Mattieshoe said...

They used that Concept on Animaniacs?

I don't remember that at all.

Must've been from the crappy KidsWB era

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