Monday, June 2, 2008

Tom and Speedy

Here's a recent commercial for Cartoon Network Latin America teaming Tom with the fastest mouse in Mexico.

Other odd team-ups from this same ad campaign include Dexter and the Road Runner and Batman and the Inch High Private Eye.


James E. Daniels said...

That must be one of the most original ads I've seen associated with the CN in a while.
LOL Dexter actually does it!

S.L said...

You should upload on the blog the one with Dexter and Road Runner too: is fantastic!

This one with the duo Tom+Speedy is pretty nice, but at the begin in the title I noticed too much the Photoshop effect on the Speedy image! (that's my impression!)

the animations are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Must be their way of saying "don't break what isn't broken" - and a fantastic way of doing it, too! The Tom and Speedy one is definately going on my fave list! :D

Anonymous said...

Did they get permission to use the MGM logo?

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