Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Looney Tunes #165: Road Runner races Speedy Gonzales...AGAIN

The latest DC Comics issue of Looney Tunes was released as scheduled, after all. And it's not near as good as it should've been! It's just...ok. There is a twist ending to the main story...Speedy and Roadrunner tie for second place in a race, and I won't give away who beats them. (It's not Wile E. Coyote or Sylvester). Scott Gross, current series cover artist and the illustrator of the worst story I've ever seen in the series handles this story, and it's very model-sheet heavy, but it's miles better than I've seen him draw before. Decent gags in the story help, thanks to writer Sholly Fisch.

Also in this issue: a Duck Dodgers story by David Alvarez (writer: Frank Strom) poking fun at Comic Book Cons, and a Yosemite Sam story (Art by Pablo Zamboni, also written by Strom) in which he tries to marry Petunia Pig for money.

Not a bad issue, the welcome Alvarez contribution helps...but the headliner could have been a lot better!

A little technical quibble...does anyone notice a problem with the Roadrunner's coloring on the cover?


Anonymous said...

My eyes don't lie. Road Runner's wings is supposed to be dark blue, while his back and neck is supposed to be light blue. Heck, even Transformers G1 has a lot of animation errors such as wrong colors on certain Transformers characters.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess. Flash beat them.

Nic Kramer said...

Let me guess. Flash beat them.

Nope, it wasn't the Flash. It was a supporting character who appeared in several Bugs Bunny cartoons that won the race.

sylvia said...

a-ah! I'll solve the guess... maybe is Cecil Turtle????


Nic Kramer said...

Yep, it was the turtle.

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