Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time Life Looney Tunes Library commercial

Here's a commercial from 1989 for the "Looney Tunes Library", a series of mail-order VHS cartoon collections (identical to the "Golden Jubilee" series of tapes sold in stores.) Note the introductory price of $9.95...and the tapes usually had only 6 or 7cartoons!

Also notice the misspelling "Looney Toons"... the eternal confusion. It's Looney TUNES.


James E. Daniels said...

I thought those videos were released in the early 80's? Now I know better.
That bugs me as well when I see TOONS instead of TUNES.
I'm still waiting to see what type of DVD collections will be appearing this year...

ramapith said...

A brief scene in that commercial shows a version of the "This is It" tap-dancing sequence on a theatre screen, clearly shrunken and tilted to fit.
As the rest of the gang marches across the stage in the background, the foreground has Bugs, Daffy... and PORKY dancing.
Was this Porky version ever used anywhere else, perhaps at larger size?

Matthew Hunter said...

That version of the "This is It" opening you're referring to was actually part of the opening created for the very videos seen in this ad...the "Golden Jubilee Collection". In it, Taz is chased by the police on a runaway motorcycle, and takes a detour through a theater where the gang is rehearshing their "This is It" routine. See for yourself:


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