Sunday, April 26, 2009

Read David Gerstein's Blog Today!

Our pal David Gerstien has started his own blog, David Gerstein's Ramapith: Prehistoric Pop Culture Blog and everyone here should go check it out. I am going to assume topics will cover some his favorite characters (seen above in my hastily assembled collage). In fact, Misce-Looney-ous readers will enjoy his recent post about the comic strip adaption of "Bosko - Shipwrecked!".

In honor of the occasion, I am going to take the opportunity to post another track from the 1950's record Woody Woodpecker's Family Album. "Hopalong Oswald" features Mel Blanc providing the voice of Oswald's Uncle Jack Rabbit. Click here to download "Hopalong Oswald".

UPDATE --- Don't miss this amazing new post of David's where he uncovers the long "lost" ending to "Hare-um Scare-um"! I don't know how he plans to top that!


ramapith said...

Scooby-Doo—one of MY favorites?
He's my ANTI-favorite! (Sorry, Joe Torcivia.)
What bribe will you take to replace him with Mickey or Felix? Gack! (Er... GAC!)

ramapith said...

You know, I didn't "uncover" the ending, exactly... others did see it decades before me. It's just that some details had gotten tangled since then.
I see my own role as more a reassessment—just to put those damn rumors to rest! Heads will roll, I tellya... or not, in this case. (-:

Yowp said...

It's a marvellous find and David should be congratulated for making the effort to end any confusion about the cartoon, one of Hardaway's better ones.

Now if Mr. Gerstein could only unravel the mystery of who Bernice Hansen was.


ramapith said...

I'm supposed to top it?
I know, I know... but I can only do it once!

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