Monday, November 2, 2009

Ugliest Looney Tunes Artwork Ever?

We've highlighted some ugly artwork and merchandise featuring the Warner Bros. cartoon gang in the past. Over the weekend, Jerry Beck sent me something that makes even the old public domain video covers look like Golden Age masterpieces!

"I'm passing this to you for use on your blog (from Terry Guy) - have you EVER seen this hideous piece?:

Also, Terry Guy's flickr photoset features a bunch of pictures taken at the Museum of Modern Art Looney Tunes exhibit back in 1985:

MOMA Looney Tunes Exhibit

Check out all his photos:

-Jerry Beck"

As Terry Guy describes the ugly record cover:

"My vinyl-collecting buddy Anton gifted me with this oddity, "A sampling of the albums released in January 1972 by Warner/Reprise, programmed especially for in-store play." Includes tracks by Frankie & Johnny, Claudia Lennear, Deep Purple, Linda Lewis, Richard Thompson, Dionne Warwick, The Beach Boys, Ralph McTell, Alexis Korner & Snape, Gram Parsons, Wilderness Road, Barbara Keith, Paul Stookey.

So, none of it is cartoon music, and I've never gotten around to playing the two discs in the album, but I continue to marvel at the unique representations of these characters."

I will say this for it, it's a funny image, just not in a GOOD way! The Looney Tunes characters playing in a band for a music sampler put out by Warner Bros. is a clever idea, but the drawings look like what might happen if the characters aged 20 years and were stuck playing on a washed-up rock stars nostalgia circuit. Bugs is in need of a facelift, Porky's clearly battling depression and alcoholism, Daffy's years of drug use have rendered him a shadow of his former self, and Sylvester's explosive weight gain is cause for concern. Whey there are five identical Tweeties above them, it's impossible to say...but he's looking a little strung out himself.


Give it up for your hosts, Stickman and Inkblot!! said...

Wow, that's just creepy. Kinda looks like a wall decal one would see in an uber-cheap day care center.

Zia Silvy!!! said...

I already saw this LP on a Ebay sell, but on the cover of the album there was a different drawing: Bugs, Porky, Daffy and Sylvester were calmy dancing in all their fatness along on Tweety's sax music... as I'll come back home I'll try to send it via mail. I'd love to see in future more stuff like that: simply hilarious!

J. J. Hunsecker said...

WOW!! It's so hideously wrong in every respect that it is amazing! This appears to be the Looney Tunes characters trying to take on the style of Yellow Submarine (and failing, of course). I'm not surprised that it's from 1972.

It's fantasmagorical!

Tull said...

So who can tell me somrthing about the music itself?? What does Claudia Lennear sing?Where can I get a copy, even if it is just the music??

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