Saturday, January 9, 2010

Old Cartoon Network Ads and Bumpers

As hard as it is to believe now, Cartoon Network used to show Looney Tunes regularly and promote the heck out of them. Here are several treasures pulled from the time capsule also known as my big box of VHS tapes. I'm almost done converting all of my taped-from-TV stuff to DVD, but I just had to save this stuff along with it.

First up, here's "Chasers Anonymous", a very funny commercial for "Bugs and Daffy" that ran around 1997.

Daffy (in reused animation from "Duck Amuck") has trouble reading the script for his commercial:

Cartoon Network created these brief animated bumper segments for their "Bugs and Daffy Show". There were multiple color variations for the backgrounds (Usually yellow for a morning timeslot, green for afternoon, blue for evening and black for late night.) Often, an announcer would say something witty over them, other times they had a music cue that was a cross between the Looney Tunes theme music and Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse".

Finally, when Chuck Jones passed away in 2002, Cartoon Network ran this simple, sweet tribute during commercial breaks.


Brubaker said...

Ah, I remember them. Good times.

Note that the music used in the Jones tribute is from "The Dot and the Line".

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Yes I remember all of these, loved the Duck Amuck one the most. Clever use of the animation there.

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