Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bunny and Claude Ride Again

Yesterday one of those "You Might Also Like..." boxes directed me to an old post featuring a 1969 comic book adaptation of the first Bunny and Claude cartoon. Sadly, the images were no longer working. I got curious to see if I still had them kicking around... and I did! So, if you visit this ancient post, you too can read the comic story again.

For a comparison, here's the original cartoon from 1968.


Anonymous said...

WOAH! The Character Model Designs are Horrible, Stiff and Really Amateurishly Done! Both Depressing and Unbelievable (Robert McKimson, REALLY!?, He Was A Really extremely Talented Artist capable of doing much better than this) at the Same Time. And Im Not even comparing this to the wonderful slick professional arts of Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett etc.
These are Still very Awful and Very Amateur in their own right. And Looking at the Way Claude's Pupils are Drawn i've got to ask this: Why Are Super Small Pinpoint pupils (ala Simpsons & Family Guy) Really Popular and Really Overused nowadays, Whatever Happened to the Big Cute Expressive and easy to look at pupils from the Old Mickey Mouse Cartoons!? SHEESH!

Big Apple

Chris Sobieniak said...

I don't suppose we'll ever know!

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