Friday, November 11, 2011

Return of the Revenge of the Sequel to the Looney Tunes Commercials!

Guess what we found? That's right folks, more Looney Tunes commercials! And wouldn't you know of 'em's got Wile E. Coyote in it!

First up, a 1993 British commercial for Walker's Looney Tunes chips. Wile E., via footage from "Zipping Along", tries the "induce a person to jump off a cliff" hypnotism bit on comedian Greg Proops.

And, another Walker's LT tie-in, presumably made around the time of "Space Jam":

Next, a "blooper" segment featuring Foghorn Leghorn. Not sure where it came from, presumably Cartoon Network.

Finally, a 1977 commercial for LT Pepsi glasses at Hardee's restaurants.


DuckTwacy said...

Huh. Strange batch of commercials this time around. First there's Wile attempting to murder a Whose Line is it Anyway? cast member, then there's Bugs up against what looks like a cult that worships free prizes that come inside bags of potato chips. Oh, and by the way yes, the Foghorn bloopers are from Cartoon Network. I remember seeing them when CN did bloopers for a bunch of the cartoons that they ran, back in 2002, I think.

Anonymous said...

The second commercial actually comes from 1999- the Qubix were part of the "Mil-looney-um" thing- I actually have all of them as well as the souvenier album they released to keep them in.

Though I guess the ending doesn't make sense unless you're familiar with the whole advertising campaign based around Gary Lineker that Walker's have been running since 1995 (he's still making adverts for them now).

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