Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nanco's Claw Machine Characters

A company called Nanco has been producing a series of Looney Tunes stuffed dolls exclusively for the claw machine game market. Over the past 5 years, I've won many of these, in fact more than are pictured here. They come in various sizes (there's a small, medium and large of each character, usually). What's remarkable is the likeness to the original Jones, Clampett and McKimson designs that they've managed to acchieve, even on the smallest sizes. Here's a look at my most recent claw conquest...notice its Clampett-iness!

It's a smaller version of a "set"'s his counterpart, in medium size:

Nanco has also been making a series of "multicolored" Tasmanian Devils, and I'm told they've done something similar with Tweety.

Even more Nanco Looney Tunes:

To see more Nanco Looney Tunes and other characters, go here!


Ryan W. Mead said...

The line "a company called Namco" kind of sounds funny to me, since Namco is a well-known Japanese entertainment company, probably best known for developing the Pac-Man video game.

I love the old-fashioned, Clampettesque character designs that Warners has been using for merchandise ever since "Back in Action." This must be the way Warners draws the characters in marketing now- I've seen it on greeting cards, other merchandise, and also publicity art that appears in the book "Tasmanian Devil" by David Owen and David Pemberton (which is about the real animal, but spends two chapters talking about the cartoon character, his link to the real animal, and the disputes between Warner Bros. and the Australian government over using the character as a symbol of Australian goodwill for tourism purposes).

J Lee said...

Actually, it would be more appropriate if the grip machine had stuffed dolls of Popeye, Betty Boop and Koko in it, since if you check the database for the original U.S. government patent, you find:

1770305 Jul, 1930 Fleischer.

obtrageous sysy said...

Yeah, I saw the plushies produced by Nanco and, well..they are pretty nice! Well, I would not drop myself out from a window to get them,but if I would have the occasion, I'd like the ones with the Babies..too cute!!
anyway, check out the pluschie toys of the Looney produced by Trudy: this is an italian factory that, in occasion of the movie LT: back in action, got the license for produce their pluschie toys!
They are well done, in every particular, but I inform you: they are not cheap! ( i know it well XD)

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