Thursday, May 31, 2007

Russian Rhapsody

I know, it's a little past Memorial Day. But it's never too late to enjoy a great wartime cartoon that's really hard to see these days! Bob Clampett's "Russian Rhapsody"(1944) takes a very UNfunny historical figure and lampoons him in a very funny way. In World War II, Adolf Hitler, angry that Germany can't quite make it into Russia, decides to fly his own bombing mission to Moscow. He soon learns first-hand what's been happening to his German planes! A whole bunch of "Gremlins from the Kremlin" (caricatures of the Warner animation staff) make a mess of the evil dictator and his plane!

Russian Rhapsody

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Anonymous said...

Does Sony Own the Pre-1948 WB Film Libary?

jbwarner86 said...

More proof that Bob Clampett produced some of the best wartime cartoons for Warner's. And it's a hoot to try and identify all the caricatures in this one - I was able to identify Friz Freleng, Leon Schlesinger, Ray Katz, Henry Binder, Chuck Jones, and Melvin Millar.

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