Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pepe Le Pitchman

Here is Pepe Le Pew (via redubbed clips from old cartoons) promoting McDonald's McDLT from 1986 courtesy of Frank (ReyFamily) again. It's the second commercial in this longer video --- animation buffs shouldn't miss the first commercial for Hershey's chocolate featuring Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Next up is a more recent commercial (I can't make out the year, probably late 1990s) with Pepe hawking perfume for Marshall's department stores:


Anonymous said...

Why am I so weirded out by McDonald's using a misshapen bullseye target and the "That's all Folks!" font to present the McDLT?

The Marshall's commercial LOOKS like it says 1997 on it, but it is hard to tell. And it's just odd to hear Pepe say, "Do I dream? It is Opium!"

Anonymous said...

The pepe The Marshall's commercial is 1992.

Also the video is dead post it again please

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