Thursday, August 23, 2007

Let's Do Lunch

I have no idea when this was made, but it must be fairly recent. On a trip to a Big Lots closeout store today I saw a bunch of these "Limited Edition" metal Looney Tunes lunchboxes from Thermos for $5.00 each. It was apparently designed to look like a vintage 1950s lunchbox. Anyway, check out the amazing artwork on this thing (both sides):

Anyone know more about it (or possibly who did the artwork)?


James E. Daniels said...

That's really nice artwork!
I need one!
I also like how they replaced one of the goofy gophers with Speedy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing!where did you find it? Big Lots? uh? never heard it!
Anyway the charachters' style reminds me the style of Bob Clampett and the recent artwork of LT always inspired from this director!I think that is a recent article for celebrate the Looney and other in-famous charachters that appears few times, like the goofy gophers!
Notice Elmer's Drees: it comes from the first cartoons in the 40's! You should buy another one of this, for give it to me :-)

Anonymous said...

I try to guess...Juan Ortiz could have drawn it!

Anonymous said...

hey,let me know if I was right!I think that Juan Ortiz did the artwork for this lunch box!here's the link of his web-site

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing what artists can turn out when they're not forced to use clip art and model packs?

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