Friday, January 11, 2008

Abe Lyman's Orchestra

Forgive me for not knowing the origin of this clip. But a random Youtube search for "Merrie Melodies" turned up this wonderful piece by Abe Lyman's Orchestra called "12th Street Rag". This is the band that made the earliest Merrie Melodies so much fun. They jazzed up the "Foxy" and "Piggy" cartoons for Harman and Ising, years before Carl Stalling came to work for the Warner cartoon studio. If you like old-time jazz (like I do, along with any type of music you can throw at me from classical to rap) you'll love this.

1 comment:

Peter Gray said...

loved to have been there...looked like great fun.....i'm a fan of Betty Boop so love all email thejeep comes from popeye..

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