Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rabbit Records

Don't miss this great post over on the Classic Children's Records & More blog (a goldmine of oddball kiddie records from the past) showcasing two vintage Looney Tunes albums.

The first is a 1974 LP from Peter Pan Records titled Four More Adventures of Bugs Bunny which was a reissue of four stories previously released as read along book-and-record sets. Mel Blanc provides all the voices including Elmer Fudd and even the female voices of Petunia and Granny. "Get That Pet" (where Granny finds a new pet (Bugs) to replace Sylvester) and "Porky's Picnic" are the best of the four tales. Plus, you get to see some crazy looking cover art by longtime Peter Pan Records illustrator George Peed of the LT gang.

They also have up the 1961 Capitol Records collection, Bugs Bunny and His Friends which was a compilation of the great Capitol LT records of the 1940s & 1950s including "Daffy Duck's Duck Inn", "Bugs Meets Hiawatha" and others.


J.E.Daniels said...

I actually have that Peter Pan book-and-record of "Get That Pet".
Been thinking of posting that for a while!

Harley Green said...

interesting stuff!

Dave said...

Thanks for giving my blog a heads up. I have a friend who is looking for the first Bugs Bunny LP called "The New Adventures of Bugs Bunny". Do you know of anyone who has that one to share? Thanks again. Love your blog.

Jon Cooke said...

Hey Dave, I don't own (and have never heard) "New Adventures of Bugs Bunny" LP. I did own the "Four More Adventures" record that you posted on your blog at one point, so hearing it again was a treat. Keep up the good work on your blog!

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