Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Avery Appreciation

Thad K has posted an excellent post on his blog celebrating the works of Tex Avery on this 100th anniversary of his birth. As I said in the comments on Thad's blog, I have been going through my WB cartoon collection chronologically lately and Tex's influence on what would become the WB cartoon style is undeniable. Even the gags in Freleng's and Jack King's cartoons got a bit faster paced once Avery came onboard. Without Avery, I have to wonder if WB cartoons would have been doomed to be as forgettable as the cartoons of Columbia or Terry. Yeah, he eventually got into a bit of a rut with all those travelogue spoofs... but his Porkys and Merrie Melodies were really groundbreaking.

Here are two of my favorite cartoons he did at WB.

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