Sunday, April 13, 2008

To Beaky or Not to Beaky

A couple years ago, the Nanco company produced a plush doll of Beaky Buzzard in their assortment of LT dolls that they only make available to arcades, carnivals, claw machines, etc. Well, somebody on Amazon made up a listing for the Beaky doll I found rather amusing. Here's a picture of the real Beaky doll:

Here's a picture of what some Amazon seller seems to be trying to pass off as the very same Looney Tunes : Beaky Buzzard 10" Plush Figure Doll Toy:

Yikes. I don't think I will be gambling $11.99 + $6.65 shipping anytime soon when I have no idea if I'd end up with Beaky or the phoney.


Anonymous said...

LOL The phoney Beaky looks like he's wearing a blue mask as if he were going to one of those fancy costume parties.

yokota said...

In the second picture there should be an old doll of Beaky Buzzard, maybe produced by the old Comapny Mighty Star in the 70's, which made also other Looney Tunes Charachters!

Harley Green said...

I took insipartion from anonymous'
comment for this phrase!

-Hey! I'm Beacky Buzzard and I'm going to a party with my pimpin' car and this cool blue mask.
Do you want to jump in?

PCUnfunny said...

That 2nd photo must be the bootleg mardi gras version.

Anonymous said...

The second picture is the old 1970's beaky buzzard I have one in my family that my father bought and passed down to me and now my child has it

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