Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yosemite Sam's Good Day

I picked up the new Looney Tunes DC comic issue today, as I do every month despite its steady decline. I figured it'd be just as lousy as the last few issues, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Instead of yet another collection of model sheet cut-and-paste "all star" stories and tiresome obsession with Daffy Duck, this month's issue features three Bugs Bunny stories, and they're actually pretty good! In the first, written by Sam Agro and drawn by Walter Carzon and Ruben Torreiro, Bugs battles pirate Yosemite Sam. In the second, written by Matthew K. Manning and again drawn by Carzon and Torreiro, Elmer Fudd tries to sell Bugs Bunny an apartment as a thinly-veiled plot to cook him, and in the third, written by Robbie Busch and drawn by Pablo Zamboni and Horacio Ottoloni, Elmer Fudd joins a "Hare" club for men, and actually shows some personality for once...I won't give it away, but the outcome of Elmer Fudd vs. the Crusher is not what you'd expect.

Since the last bunch of issues has been SO lousy, I think it is worthy of mention when they get it right. If you see it, give it a look!

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Harley Green said...

This is what I call a GOOD comic review: this must also help the readers of this comic magazine to understand if it is worth to buy it or not, to analyse the quality of the stories...etc.

Hey, you should do every month in the blog a special "review" of the LT comic, or at the least, the most interesting issue...and why not, if you can scanner some pages for let us enjoy them...
Also it wouldn't be a bad idea to talk about the old LT comics!

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