Friday, December 5, 2008

The Bill and Buster Blog

Greetings, Looney Tunes fans! This is a rare non-Looney Tunes entry, rather, it is a shameless self-promotional advertisement. Over the years, I have been developing my own characters, with the hope of someday turning them into a published comic strip. The syndicates haven't been calling, mainly because I haven't really contacted them...but I do have an offocial copyright from the Library of Congress and an arsenal of 3-and-6-panel comic strips that I've been drawing since 2002, featuring a group of characters I've been drawing and developing since I was 12 years old. Those of you who have followed from the beginning will recognize Bill and Buster, who appeared along with "Roscoe and Ruby" as part of "G.A.C. new Funnies" a few years back.

I encourage everyone reading this blog to check out this new "Bill and Buster Blog", send a link to everyone you know and expect frequent updates. For starters, I have done 3 posts: An introduction of the characters and every comic I've drawn this year, a compilation of the "war on Early Christmas" series I did for friends on Myspace in 2006, and a couple of doodles from a high school textbook 10 years ago. More to come, including tons of gag strips and drawings!

The Bill and Buster Blog

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