Friday, December 12, 2008

Chwistmas Chopsticks

As a follow-up to the post below, I have found another track from the "Have Yourself a Looney Tunes Christmas" album. This is Elmer Fudd doing "Christmas Chopsticks". I believe Fudd's voice here is the late Greg Burson, who also did Elmer Fudd's voice for several episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures, as well as Bugs Bunny's voice for this very same Christmas album and a number of commercials and animated cartoons during the 1990s. Mr. Burson passed away on July 22nd of this year at the age of 59. The preceding link is to the only obituary I've seen for him, thanks to animation writer Mark Evanier of "Garfield and Friends" fame. This Christmas album performance proves what a wonderful talent he was. This ties with Billy West's Elmer in "Looney Tunes Back in Action" as the closest I've ever heard to Arthur Bryan's original voice. We'll miss you, Greg Burson.

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