Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Can't Eat Without It

Jerry Beck over on Cartoon Brew mentioned recently how an unofficial homemade video of the Coyote catching the Road Runner has got some attention in the Latin American press. What would Wile E. do if he really caught the bird? Well, not much if he was all out of Heinz Ketchup!

This is from a series of print ads from Egypt dated 2008. You can see all the Looney/Heinz ads on this site. Without any ketchup, Sylvester refuses to eat Tweety, Yosemite Sam can't eat Daffy, Bugs doesn't know what to put on his carrots, and Taz won't eat his... trash can full of rotten fish (huh???).

1 comment:

James E. Daniels said...

That's a pretty good idea for a campaign using the Looney Tunes, too bad the idea loses it spark by using clip-art of the characters. It could have been better if they used original artwork of the Looney Tunes.

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