Sunday, February 21, 2010

Comic Strips by Chuck Jones

Our pal Charles Brubaker has come accross a real rarity: two samples of a comic strip drawn by Chuck Jones in the late 1970's.

Charles tells us:

"For a brief time in the late '70s, Chuck Jones decided to give newspaper syndication a try. He sold a strip called "Crawford" (later retitled "Crawford and Morgan") to Chicago Tribune's syndication arm.

Needless to say, it was short-lived, and for a reason: it was boring. Chuck wasn't doing his best work in the '70s and his good days were behind him.

It didn't run in many papers and they were never reprinted, so copies of it are hard to find. However, I was going through my comic strip collection and found two, so here they are:"

Maybe not Chuck Jones' best work, but these two strips alone put most anything else in the papers these days to shame. If any of our readers have more examples of this rare Jones work, please feel free to share them with us!


Robert Pope said...

it would be VERY interesting to unearth the press package that was used to sell the strip to the tribune and then probably retooled to serve their sales force....somehow I can't see Chuck banging out a year's worth of this strip for marketing purposes. Really neat, but so obviously devoid of a theme other than a platform for Chuck to fashion his gags into a "readable" format (odd that the "a dog is" speech is almost verbatim what Bugs rattles off to Elmer in his "Boy Scout" hat in Chuck's own "Bug's Bonnets."

James Sugrue said...

Jones' stuff was always great in any media.

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