Friday, September 17, 2010

Porky goes to Wackyland to get some Dough for the Do-Do

Speaking of cool YouTube videos, here's one I posted on the GoldenAgeCartoons Facebook page the other day. I felt it was worth posting here as well. YouTube user xrstoph created this side-by-side comparison video featuring footage from Bob Clampett's classic "Porky in Wackyland" beside the footage from Friz Freleng's 1949 remake, "Dough For the Do-Do". Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that both cartoons only have a few minor differences until the ending! I think I like the ending with Porky as the newspaper boy better.

Anonymous said...

I Like the Clampett One Best Because It Looks Beautiful, From the BGs, The Grays and The Animation, Right Down to, As Usual, Mel Blanc's Professional,Unique, Funny and Beautiful Sounding Voicework. The Freleng (Who I Normally Don't Really Care For and In My Personal Opinon, Consider him to Be A Huge Hack Director based on My Opinon on the 1930s WB cartoon He Directed, But Then Again, Regardless of the Director, I Consider the 30s WB Merrie Melodies Cartoons to Be Among the Most Hideous Looking and Amateurishly Drawn and Designed 30s Cartoons Ever, And Also What Keeps Me From Seeing them is The Zooming Blue WB shield with the creepy black markings around the W and the B which im thankful they got rid of) one Is Not Bad, But Certainly Not Good and In Some Scenes The Colors Look Rather Garish Compared to the Rich and Stuble Grey Tones in The B&W version and there is One Last Scene Where the Dodos Say "He's Got The Last of the Do-Do Birds" and They Start Dancing Which Looks So Amateurish and Badly Animated, Im Betting that's Gerry Chinquy?

But Anyway If I Want To See Porky In Wackyland In Color Give me The 1995 Computer Colorized version (which i also want to see too), I Heard the 1995 computer colorizations of the B&W Looney tunes were the Best Looking Cartoon Colorizations of the Looney tunes and Were Almost identical to the Real Color WB cartoons from the 1940s.

Great Post, Jon Cooke

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