Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Tale of Two Mice" Original Titles Sighted

A recent ebay auction offered a film print of Frank Tashlin's 1945 Merrie Melodie, "A Tale Of Two Mice". Sadly, nobody we know snagged it, and there were no images of the credits. There WAS an image of the title card, though!

The only version of this cartoon available on TV and video in the past has been the Blue Ribbon reissue print, which shows the incorrect opening rings and omits the original title art and credits. Below are the images of the original title card, and a link to the Blue Ribbon version of the film itself.

UPDATE (9/30/10): Here is another original title card that surfaced in a recent eBay auction. Coincidentally, it was from the second (and final) cartoon to star the mouse version of Abbott and Costello: Robert McKimson's "The Mouse-Merized Cat" (1946). The auction was for a 16mm copy of the cartoon in black-and-white (the original cartoon was in color, of course), but it still gives us a rare glimpse of the original title. - JHC


Yowp said...

Damn. I was hoping Thad would have nailed this one. Oh, well.

Anonymous said...

A Print of A Tale of Two Mice with the Original Title card and Credits Is Also Now On Youtube Here's The Link:

And It is Also Exactly Like Nasty Quacks in that Frank Tashlin is Not Credited Here At All, Because he Left the Studio to Work Breifly at John Sutherland on the Daffy Ditties cartoons and then Went on to be a Live Action Director - Asim.

P.S Off Topic, But I Abouslutley Despise Blue Ribbons, What's Worse is That They Were Spliced on the Original Negative and Most of these Wretched Reissues Clipped Away The Title Card and Screen Credits!. Would It Have Killed them to do reissues in the exact same way as MGM and Universal made them or Even Better, Why Not Just Leave The Titles and Credits Alone With Absolutely No Cost of Money At All During Reissue! Wouldn't Taking the credits Away and Splicing New Titles Cost More Money? End of Rant.

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