Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Countdown to Volume 5 - Part 1

Jerry Beck has posted another teaser for the upcoming Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Vol. 5 DVD set which is being released on Tuesday, October 30. I am sure all of the regular readers of this blog are excited. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I thought it'd be fun to count down to the release of the fifth volume by looking back at the "trailers" Warner Home Video put together for the first four volumes.

The first Golden Collection was released way back on October 28, 2003. For awhile it seemed like Warner Home Video had no idea how to handle releasing the Looney Tunes onto DVD. There were doubts that a 4-disc set aimed at collectors would even sell at all. Luckily, folks like George Feltenstein and Jerry Beck were put in charge and made the first Golden Collection a huge success.

Let's take a look at the original trailer WB Home Video put together to promote this first release. You do get the impression that they still didn't know who they were marketing this set for (note the mention of "Games and Much More!" among the extras on the DVD... seriously.)


Anonymous said...

Yeah.... I think this trailer was put together before the set was actually fully produced. The "Games" were put on the Spotlight Collection, also the trailer has clips from Rabbit Rampage and Hare trimmed, which were not on Vol. 1.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought the cover we actually got for Vol. 1 was ugly...thank God it got revised from the preliminary layout seen here.

You also gotta love how they showcase the DVD restoration technology using a short that still isn't on DVD, even five volumes later.

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