Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is there anybody alive out there?

Bruce Springsteen's new album, "Magic", was number one in the nation the other day. Its major hit, "Radio Nowhere", lamenting the sad state of radio these days, is full of powerful images, as many of the Boss' songs tend to be. After hearing it, I was able to create a music video out of it that uses classic LT cartoon clips to illustrate the lyrics. It was one of the quickest such videos I've ever done, thanks to Jon's help in suggesting some clever bits.

Bruce thinks radio is lonely these days? Try being a classic cartoon fan watching TV!

And just for kicks, here's a wonderful video someone else made featuring Springsteen and Looney Tunes: using "Dancin' In the Dark."


Yokota said...

Every Boss' fan or even Bruce himself would appreciate this work! go for it guys, you did a good job!

Jeff Cook said...

Well done and thanks for the excellent video. It should give fans of classic animation the warm fuzzies.

I loved the range of clips you includes from (correct me if Im wrong) 'Conga Jazz', a Foxy cartoon and 'I love to singa' to a Pizzicato pussy cat cartoon and 'Carrotblanca' with all the classics we know in-between (Pun possibly intended).


Anonymous said...

You used that clip of Roxy and the talking radio beautifully. It really seemed that the radio was singing along with Bruce!

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