Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Party Pops

A few years ago, something as minor as the Looney Tunes characters appearing on a bag of cheap Halloween candy wouldn't have been anything noteworthy. However, these days any Looney Tunes merchandise of any variety seems to grab my attention... and new LT merchandise that doesn't rely on stock decade old clip-art poses is even more rare. So, here is a bag of "Costume Party Fun Pops" made by Adams and Brooks, Inc. from this year. That's the same company that made the Pepe Le Pew "Luv Pops" Matthew wrote about back in February. I am assuming that's original artwork of Bugs, Daffy, Taz and Tweety dressed for Halloween. I should note that even though Bugs and Daffy are on the outside of the bag, only Taz and Tweety were worthy enough to get their own "Fun Pops" inside.


Anonymous said...

Boy, the people at WB marketing sure are clueless on how to market the Looney Tue characters.

Anonymous said...

I think nowadays there're still some interessing Looney Tunes' products that are quite nice!I mean...with different arts from the same!

....Anyway today is the 31' October:
Happy Halloween to everyone, Folks! ;-)

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