Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Penguin Parade

Here's a fun Tex Avery cartoon from 1938. There's a great music score from Carl Stalling in this one (especially the finale where the penguins play "When My Dream Boat Comes Home") and some very funny gags like the impossible-to-understand host of the show (was this someone's radio schtick at the time? Hanna and Barbera also used it in "The Goose Goes South" at MGM in 1941).


Yokota said...

Sure: I remember this cartoon: too funny, I was hypnotize by the alternative life of the penguins, a sort of ironic portrait of our society!
It's hilarious the 1:04 minute: when the Waiter prepares the cocktail in the Penguin: I always remind that sceen!!Even the music in the beginning title card was familiar! Fantastic post!

Eric said...

The doubletalk is from Cliff Nazarro, who at the time seemed to pop up on the Jack Benny Show about once a month with this type of inspired gibberish (he was on various shows through the 40s at least) and apparently did a lot of bit roles in B movies. He also did Egghead most of the time, so he would've been handy.

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