Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bargain Bin Looneys

Some new Looney Tunes merchandise has surfaced. I can't say it's very exciting Looney Tunes merchandise, but it's got to the point where even these bargain bin offerings are newsworthy.

First, reader Brandon Pierce sent this picture of a new series of LT coloring books he spotted at his local Albertson's supermarket. It's interesting to point out that it appears that Speedy has risen through the ranks and is now considered popular enough to headline his own coloring book cover, a spot usually reserved for heavy-hitters like Bugs, Tweety and Taz.

I found this set of 4 "Looney Tunes Mini 3D Effects Puzzles" by "Hobbico, Inc." among the $1.00 stocking stuffers at an A.C. Moore craft store a couple weeks back. They are dated 2008, so maybe I am looking at old stock. The gimmick is that each puzzle has a ViewMaster-like 3D look to them when you put them together (the packages didn't really photograph that great). Anyway, check out the new "modern" Looney Tunes logo in the corner. I don't think I have seen that used anywhere before.

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