Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Tricks and Treats

Awhile back, I posted the above advertisement for a Brach's Candy-sponsored Halloween promotion from 1990. Shortly after, a kind person (my apologies, I have long since lost track of who it was) e-mailed us a radio ad for it. I figure it is a perfect time to post it. Click here to download the MP3.

Bugs has also spent past Halloweens trick-or-treating with his good friends Underdog and Jaws.

A mid-1990's coloring book cover.

Finally, if you want to see something really scary --- Cartoon Network is running Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special a few times between now and October 31. Check your local listings... if you dare. We discussed this "classic" back in 2007, just ignore the now-defunct in2TV references.

1 comment:

CartoonCrazy said...

For some reason, I really like that Nightmare on Elmer's Street cover.

Overall, interesting finds. I'll try and sit through the Howl-o-ween special, just for curiosity reasons.

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