Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Return to CN and a Return to Death Valley

Above is a Cartoon Network commercial from 2000 when they got the television rights to the entire Looney Tunes cartoon library. Now we flash forward a decade (and a lengthy hiatus) to remind everyone that the classic Looney Tunes are once again airing daily on CN. Set your DVR for a half-hour every morning at 6:00am and an hour every weekday at 12 noon-1pm EST (the shorts from the 6am half-hour usually repeat the following day on the noon show). Enjoy it while it lasts, since the last time the cartoons were running on CN it only lasted about a month. Word is they are on the schedule through April. Some dedicated fans on the GAC Forums are keeping tabs on what is showing up.

On a totally different subject, I couldn't help but share this great poster for the Road Runner's Death Valley Rally video game which was shared with us by a reader named Sterling. It was actually included in that very issue of Nintendo Power (October, 1992) that we used to illustrate that Roadrunner post from a few days ago with.

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