Friday, October 14, 2011

"Cats and Bruises" (1965) Commentary

Since you loyal Misce-Looney-Ous readers seem to have enjoyed the cartoon commentaries I've done in the past, I thought you'd be glad to know that I purchased a new computer microphone. It sounds MUUUUCCCCH better than the old one, and I don't have to do as much editing to get the recordings to sound decent. That means you'll be hearing a lot more of me talking over cartoons!

Here's the latest: "Cats and Bruises" (1965).

"Cats and Bruises" (1965) Commentary by MatthewHunter

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Chris Signore said...

Hey Matt - liking the new mike. You're sounding much clearer here =)

As for the commentary, very intriguing as always. Though I think I can help with recognising the reused animation:

- The Speedy scene for "OK, I come back" look like it's from "Mexican Boarders" (1962)

- while the Sylvester / Dingy scene appears to be lifted from "A Pizza Tweety Pie" (1958).

Hope this helps - though I'm surprised you didn't mention the goof where the sky turns blue for a second...

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