Monday, March 12, 2007

Jelly Vision

Above we have an ad for a 1994 series of twelve Looney Tunes Welch's jelly jars. These may very well be the easiest to find pieces of Looney Tunes memorabilia ever made. I'm serious. Visit any yard sale, flea market or thrift store in the United States and chances are you will stumble across one or two of these things. You might even have a couple in the back of your cupboard and not even know it. The reason for this is pretty simple. Almost everybody buys jelly, even people who don't particularly like jelly keep a jar in the fridge just in case they have somebody over who may like jelly. So, if you are going to buy the stuff anyway, it might as well be in a jar with Daffy Duck on it.

The 1994 set was so successful that Welch's issued a second set of six Looney Tunes jelly jars the following year. A checklist can be found here. As you can see from that link, the Welch's folks had been putting beloved cartoon stars on their jelly jars for decades (in fact, there were two previous LT sets before 1994, one in 1974 and another in 1976).


Anonymous said...

I had all these glasses at one point. Im missing the very first one.
Also, when my aunt died, we got two tall Pepsi glasses of Bugs and Porky from 1973.

Mike Matei said...

you should do a post on looney tunes glasses. there's an awesome one with slowpoke rodriguez on it.

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