Sunday, March 11, 2007

This one's a "riot"!

As sort of a follow-up to the Duck Dodgers comic book story we posted a while back, I'd like to showcase one of the better cartoons from the show itself. Jon and I aren't sure if this ever aired on Cartoon Network or if it debuted when the show moved to Boomerang. Still, it's nice to see the creators going for a more traditonal cartoon with a classic feel. Even "hero" shows need a break from the dramatic schtick once in a while!

Here we have good ol' Hubie and Bertie, trying their best to play Daffy and Porky against one another.


Mike Matei said...

ha. I hear Michael Dorns voice in there.

PCUnfunny said...

Meh.It still isn't funny.

Mike Russo said...

Michael Dorn was one of the regular cast members on the show. Whenever Mars was featured, you could always look forward to Dorn voicing the Martian centurians.

While there certainly were a few clunkers, I found "Duck Dodgers" to be a highly enjoyable show, especially after it's rocky first season start. And although some shows are plagued by thick lines and bland art direction, many episodes (such as this one) feature some really great animation and expressive drawings. Not to mention Alasky and Bergen really did a fantastic job voicing Daffy and Porky (or Dodgers and the Cadet if you want to get picky.)

Anyone looking for another stand-out Dodgers episode needs to catch "The Curse of Castle High" the next time it airs on Boomerang. Great homage to the old Universal Frankenstein.

J.E.Daniels said...

This is a great episode.
Joe Alaskey gets better and better recreating Mel Blanc's voices....

Thad K said...

That blew man pickle.

The drawings are nice though.

Mike Russo said...

Comon Thad, that's a little juvenile. Can you at least explain why you didn't like it? I think you hold unfortunately high expectations when it comes to anything new involving these characters. I'm a stickler for something to at least have a little respect for what made the classic WB stuff so great, but nothing is really going to capture that spirit. Duck Dodgers is certainly better than Baby Looney Tunes or Loonatics, and a good handful of episodes - on their own merits - are actually really, really good.

Or maybe I'm just saddened that someone of your reputation around here would describe anything in such an immature way.

(I'm not trying to flame or knock Thad in any way, folks. I'm just saying what's on my mind. For his work on his own blog, as well as over at TTTP, we owe Thad a lot of thanks.)

PCUnfunny said...

"Not to mention Alasky and Bergen really did a fantastic job voicing Daffy and Porky (or Dodgers and the Cadet if you want to get picky.)"

They do a wonderful job but there talents are wasted on this garbage. The show in general is just incredibly lazy. There is no sense of timing, the music is awful (minus Tom Jones's Thunderball-esque title song),the jokes mostly come from stupid dialogue, the animation is extremely dull, and the characters are little more then talking heads. I whish the WB whould just let the Looney Tunes rest in peace and just keep releasing the classics on DVD.

"Duck Dodgers is certainly better than Baby Looney Tunes or Loonatics"

To be quite honest with you, that's like saying "oh this peice of crap is better then that peice of crap".

Thad K said...

Maybe "blew man pickle" is harsh, but that's about all the reaction I could muster for it.

What's wrong with it?

For starters, how about the outrageously stupid idea of Hubie & Bertie being hired hitmen?

The bad timing, the bad voices (sorry guys, but I think Joe Alaskey does a very poor Daffy)... The drawings and colors are fine though. And it's just a damn talking head-fest. I love Spike & Tony's work, but this flies in the face of certain noisy blogs that artists are the only ones who can write good cartoons.

I always thought it'd be more clever to do a series based on "Duck Twacy"... At least you wouldn't have to make up a bunch of villains or load it with random cameos. C'mon, who wouldn't want to see a Pickle Puss cartoon?!

The GagaMan(n) said...

Maybe they didn't go with a Duck Tracy series because they already kind of attempted that with the "Pluck Tracy" parts in Tiny Toons (which were predictably awful). Also, kids eat that space age stuff.

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