Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Looney Tunes Halloween

Now that the horrible "Howl-Oween Special" has scarred you for life, here's a selection of Halloween-themed Warner cartoons, some of which were used in that awful thing. Watching these on their own is a MUCH more enjoyable experience!

"It's an Ill Wind"

"The Great Piggy Bank Robbery"

"Scaredy Cat"

"Bewitched Bunny"

"Hyde and Go Tweet"

"Water, Water, Every Hare"

"Broom Stick Bunny"

"Transylvania 6-5000"

"A Haunting We Will Go"

"Night of the Living Duck"


Jon Cooke said...

Very nice playlist, Matthew. Having them in chronological order was a nice touch.

It looks like you really wanted to get the Howl-o-ween Special bumped off the main page :-P

Anonymous said...

Can someone please help me find this halloween cartoon that features a witch and she cackles while riding on her broom refilling her martini glass after everytime she downs it freaking hysterical. I can't remember who the main character was pretty sure it was looney tunes or could be tom a jerry

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