Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The WB Store is Open... in 1994

As everyone knows... the WB Store is (still) closed.

Let's take a trip back to happier times, way back to the 1990's when you could walk into your local shopping mall and max out your credit cards buying Looney Tunes junk.

A production company sent to cover the 1994 grand opening of the Warner Bros. Studio Store in the Florida Mall in Orlando, FL has uploaded a vintage, slickly edited video of the events of that day on YouTube. Embedding has been disabled, so you will have to click here to view it. Not only does it offer a glimpse of the store's interior and merchandise, but also appearances by a gang of costumed Looney Tunes characters, a marching band, and even basketball star Shaquille O'Neal.

You will also want to check out this Flickr page filled with images of WB Store catalogs and merchandise (the above picture of the now-worthless gift certificate above came from that page).

(above images from Illuminating Concepts website)


wiley207 said...

*sighs* I still miss the WB Studio Stores. I now have to buy my Looney Tunes merchandising off eBay or Amazon.com :P

kids dresses said...

I would love to go there and buy some Taz merchandise. Because Taz is my favorite cartoon character. He's so cute.

Unknown said...

Uploader made this video private... so no chance to watch it

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