Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hot Cross Bunny

The following public service announcement was a regular sight during kid shows' commercial breaks on local stations throughout the 1980s and well into the 1990s. Bugs tells us of the dangers lurking in the kitchen, from pots of boiling water to dangling power cords. The spot was an excerpt taken from a 22 minute film made for the Shriners Burns Institute in 1982 called "An Ounce of Prevention". The new animation was produced by Hal Geer and directed by Gerry Chiniquy. Another PSA, featuring Daffy in a fireman's hat giving a couple of kids a "burn prevention quiz", also popped up on TV regularly but, sadly, hasn't surfaced on YouTube yet.


Mike Matei said...

Once again, you have blown my mind with this. You must be the king of looney tunes memorabilia.

Anonymous said...

I've been searching for that Daffy video FOREVER. From what I can remember:

- Daffy! What are you doing here?
- Well, it's quiz time. How do you burn-proof the bedroom?
- One way is that gadget up there.
- Ah ha! A smoke detector. Every home should have at least one.
- Just having one isn't enough. Kitchens something, something, something...
:: ring ::
- Know what that sound means kids?
- It means get out of the house!
- And fast!
- How?
- Escape routes!
- The whole family should map out a few different ways to get out of the house if there's a fire.
- A meeting place is most important so everyone knows everyone else is OK.
- True or false: under the bed is the best place to go during a fire.
- That's false!
- You should never hide under the bed!
- What about the closet?
- That's a no-no too, Daffy.
- Make sure your family gets an A on my burn prevention quiz. OK?

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for the Daffy Fire Safety video too! has anyone found it online yet?

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