Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is only the beginning folks, only the beginning!

I hope everyone has been enjoying this blog so far. I know I have been having a great time with it.

Tim Hollis, author of the books MOUSE TRACKS: THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY RECORDS and HI THERE, BOYS & GIRLS! AMERICA'S LOCAL CHILDREN'S TV PROGRAMS e-mailed us about the "Bugs Bunny Follies" stage show:

    Incidentally, I attended one of those "Bugs Bunny Follies" stage shows in either 1977 or 1978 and have the same souvenir booklet that you have. The show wasn't nearly as bad as you might expect, but it's true that most of the sound track was taken from the 1940s/1950s Capitol records. There must have been some new dialogue recorded for it, though, because I remember one part (which they couldn't get away with now!) when Foghorn Leghorn opened his star-spangled coat during a patriotic number to display the Confederate flag on his vest, and then he led the audience in singing "Dixie." I don't think that came from a Capitol recording....

Tim also sent along a picture of a cool pennant from Six Flags Over Georgia that was celebrating Bugs' 50th anniversary in 1990. There are some interesting character choices on this item, including Egghead Junior from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons!

Thanks again, Tim. And if anyone else has anything Looney Tuney they'd like to share, send us an e-mail at looneyblog -at-!

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Mike Matei said...

they probably needed a small character to fit the pointy end of the flag.

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