Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Porky Paste

Here's a quickie that ties in nicely with yesterday's Porky-themed post. From 1976, here we have the only minty flavored fluoride toothpaste worthy enough to be endorsed by Porky Pig.

For breath that smells like a pig.

Image courtesy of Tim Hollis.


Anonymous said...

With a slogan like that, who wouldn't want to brush their teeth with Porky's tooth paste?
Rumor has it that a few years prior to Porky's creation, Goopy Geer had covered a toothpaste license, but the brand name -- GEERY GOOP -- which someone thought sounded clever, actually led to consumer nausea and a lawsuit from Fleischer.
(This is all a big fat L-I-E, gentlemen.)

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the familiar Warner Bros. shield logo appears on the package, seeing as Warners wasn't using that logo at the time (they apparently kept it for their famous characters, though).

Mike Matei said...

oooh I like that. i'd pay 100 dollars for slowpoke rodriguez dental floss.

Anonymous said...

The only floss that tastes like tabasco sauce... and somehow, it takes fourteen hours to floss with it.

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