Monday, April 2, 2007

Battle of the Drag Racers!

I think Matt and I will have to start calling this the Road Runner Blog if this keeps up.

I found this online a few days ago on a movie poster website. WB would sometimes package up "Cartoon Revues" of their shorts for theatres to run on Saturday kiddie matinees (trailers for some of these Bugs Bunny Cartoon Revues can be seen on the various Golden Collection DVD sets). Here's an (ugly) poster for a 1966 "Cartoon Revue" focusing on "the fastest characters in the cartoon world": Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales. I think it would be a safe bet to assume that 1965's "The Wild Chase" was among the shorts on the playlist.


J Lee said...

Drag racing/funny cars were a hot item in the mid-1960s, especially in California, which probably explains the poster and the number of drag racing gags in the D-FE era Warner Bros. cartoons.

That doesn't make the cartoons good (or the posters), it just means the crew was trying to stay topical as much as possible with subjects they could deal with, during a period where there was enough stuff going on they either couldn't relate to or were too controversal to make jokes about.

Mike Matei said...

Speedys sombrero is deformed.

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