Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Daffy!

Daffy Duck turns 70 years old today. Now THAT's longevity.

Here are two cartoons...one classic, the other, well... it's not as bad as others from the era! The first, "Porky's Duck Hunt", is the very first appearance of Daffy. The second, "Fiesta Fiasco", is one of the final theatrically released Daffy cartoons (ironically involving his birthday, technically his 30th!)

"Porky's Duck Hunt" (1937) -computer colorized, but still classic

"Fiesta Fiasco" (1967)
speedy gonzales

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J Lee said...

Today concurrently is the 70th anniversary of Mel Blanc taking over as the voice of Porky in "Porky's Duck Hunt", which along with Daffy's creation, was a major factor in Warners' future success.

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