Monday, April 9, 2007

I promise, I've got more "random and weird" stuff on the way. Plenty of it. But I figure it's my public duty to bring attention to the great cartoons that inspired all of the fun merchandise, ads and miscellany that this blog is based on. Jon's post on Foghorn Leghorn selling hot dogs reminded me of something...just how funny Foghorn Leghorn is.

I am not as tuned into who drew every scene and every drawing in cartoons as some are, but I do know that the collective effort of them at Warner Bros. was better than just about all the others in the golden age. I do know that Robert McKimson directed every Foghorn Leghorn short, and nearly all of them were amazingly funny. I don't understand why so many critics pick on McKimson. Rather than go into analyzing and/or defending McKimson, I'd rather just show one of his best cartoons. Foghorn Leghorn and Henery Hawk star in "Hen House Henery', which, I believe, is the first time "Camptown Races" was used as Foggy's iconic theme song.

LOONEY TUNES--henhouse henery

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Pick on McKimson all you want. But remember, he did this, ok?

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Mike Matei said...

If I have my choice, I would choose a more crazy cartoon by Clampet or Avery. But I never had a problem with McKimson. I always loved foghorn because he is just cruel to that dog.
Anyway, pay attention to the camera angles in this short. A lesser director might have chosen more bland shots. For example, watch when Foghorn comes out of the tree stump near the end. Not only is it silhouetted but it looks downward on the booby trap and sets the stage for the next scene. Then after he walks down the hill you get a low angle shot which would be from Henry Hawks perspective. Funny cartoon.

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