Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Watch the Birdie

I don't have too much to say about this Tweety & Sylvester clip, except that it's a scene that always make me laugh.

It's from "Bad Ol' Putty Tat" (1949), which one was the second (and last) time Tweety wore his little sailor hat.

Adding to the scene is Carl Stalling's use of the tune "Freddy the Freshman" which was also the tune used in this 1932 Merrie Melody short from Harman & Ising. Enjoy!

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Mike Matei said...

I wonder if future sets of the looney tunes golden collection will give us some early stuff like freddy the freshman. I may be alone here, but I wouldn't mind if LTGC vol 5 (or 6) was made up of all 30's cartoons. (excluding bosko) since you can find those dvds elsewhere..

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