Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Misce-Looneyous Commentaries: "Lady Play Your Mandolin"

Here's the very first Merrie Melodie from 1931...and what I have to say about it!


Coyote said...

Glad to see you pick this film for a commentary. It is one of my favorites as well!
Great music, great animation and a great "thumbing the nose" at authority, which is what made WB cartoons so funny.
On a side note, have you ever seen Van Beuren's "Gay Gaucho"? (1933 I believe.) It is an unbelieveable rip-off of "Lady Play Your Mandolin".

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Funny cartoon ,another great commentary.

Your right about how Roger Rabbit was inspired by some of the things in this cartoon. I think the Gorilla probably was another influence too, especially in the Ink & Paint club scene, even though he's a doorman instead of a waiter.

I'm in the same shoes with you about that horse character. He made me laugh just as much as you were. Kudos to the animator, whoever that may be.

Jon Cooke said...

The gorilla was also in "Goopy Geer".

This cartoon is also interesting as it was the only Harman-Ising Merry Melody short that was NOT sold to AAP.

Anonymous said...

Aw, man, I have always wanted to see the UNCUT version of this,a s opposed to the edited version that CN showed a long time ago on "Toonheads."

As for the animator of the horse, it could have been Friz Freleng for allw e know. Wasn't he still working as an animator during this time? Also, before the horse combusts, if you look at the horse's eyes, they look McKimson-ish.

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