Thursday, July 5, 2007

Reader Mail Spectacular, Part 1

I have been cleaning out the ol' Misce-Looney-ous e-mail box the past couple days and have found a lot of great stuff submitted by our faithful readers over the past few months that we just haven't had to chance to showcase yet (but have been meaning to!).

First up, a follow-up to the post about the Looney Tunes Collector Dolls from the WB Stores from Chris Ferguson:

Attached is a photo of the three Looney Tunes Collector Dolls (Rocky, Mugsy and Junyer) I mentioned on your blog. The only other one I had bought was Gossamer, but after seeing the photo of the others, I wish I had picked up more when the Warner Bros. store still existed. I have fond memories of going to those stores; they were much better than Disney stores (although Disney stores used to have cooler stuff than they do now). I guess I didn’t pick up the rest of the “dolls” because I’ve always been more interested in the “supporting characters” of the Looney Tunes cartoons (i.e., Beaky Buzzard, Charlie Dog, Claude Cat, Henery Hawk, Marc Antony, Ralph Phillips, etc., etc.). Man, wouldn’t be cool to have a Ralph Phillips figure, with changeable costumes.

But, I digress. Hope you like the Collector Dolls photo.

Speaking of the late, great Warner Bros. Studio Stores, Dan Cunningham sends us this photo of a large promotional banner he recently sold on eBay that was used to promote the release of the Sylvester & Tweety postage stamp in 1997:

Keep checking back all weekend for more reader submitted stuff.

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