Saturday, July 7, 2007

Reader Mail Spectacular, Part 4

Michael Bailes writes us about the Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf video game.

I found another Looney Tunes game (I like the Road Runner posts)!

i was at Gamestation and found, and bought, "Sheep, Dog 'n Wolf" for PSOne.

The Key of this game is to get all the flock with certain items like a Magic Flute to Hypnotise Sam or lure the Sheep with Lettuce!
The Characters in the Game are mainly Ralph Wolf, Sam Sheepdog, the Sheep and Daffy Duck (the Host of this TV Show)! but there are appearences by Porky, Elmer, Gossamer, Marvin and the Bull!

Not only is it a great game, it got 9/10 rating by the Official Mag for Playstation! And there are some funny stuff you can do to Ralph, eg. Fall Down a cliff or eaten by Piranas!

Here's a screenshot:

... and a video showing the 3rd Level


Michael J. Ruocco said...

I remember that game! It was pretty fun, even though I really dislike sneaking/escort mission games.

Still, an overall fun game.

Coyote said...

Loved this game! My version was called "Sheep Raider" though. Same game, different name apparently.
This game definetly lived up to the "looney" standard as some of the gadgets and plans were really funny.
Hypnotizing Sam, using a fan and a bottle of sheep perfume, bungee cords...great stuff.
Just don't get me started on that pain-in-the-rear Gossamer level.

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