Saturday, July 7, 2007

Reader Mail Spectacular, Part 3

Our "Reader Mail" weekend continues.

Greg Method sent us some photos and information about another tie-in Warner Bros. did for their short-lived "Tweety's Global Patrol" concept. It was a live stage show performed in the Six Flags amusement parks in early 1990s:

I also looked up info on Six Flags' "Tweety's Global Patrol" stage show. I couldn't find much on it; just a mention of it in the Six Flags Great America guide book from the 1992 season (no artwork, unfortunately). What I do remember, though, was it primarily used rewritten pop songs such as "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" and "The Twist" ("C'mon baby, do the Recycle Twist!"). The costumed characters involved were Bugs, Daffy, and Sylvester. Tweety was interestingly enough not an actor in a costume but rather an in-scale puppet (complete with his Global Patrol ranger hat), situated inside a giant bird cage in the back of the set against the stage curtain. And of course, two adults, a male and female member of Tweety's Global Patrol, were also involved with the show. The plot centered on the guys trying to get a rather stubborn Sylvester to start recycling. Eventually, through the magic of song, Sylvester proudly declares that he's had a change of heart. IIRC, Jeff Bergman provided all the voices on a prerecorded tape, and of course the two humans spoke and sang live.

Greg also sent along some prizes that were packaged in the Tyson Looney Tunes frozen dinners:

A while ago you guys were asking if anyone had anything from the Tyson frozen meals. I knew I had kept a few items, so I dug a little into my boxes and found them.

I have "Wile E. Coyote Goes out of This World!", a mini activity book that invited kids to rub a penny on blank spots of the pages to reveal different planets that Wile E. was interacting with. This seems to have been from the 1990 assortment of meals, and on the back there's a list of the other "Magic Fun Books" available in the other meals.

I also have three different trivia activity cards that were included in the meals in 1991. These were two-piece items, composed of a card with questions and answers on the front and back and a sort of dual-sided envelope with a window near the top that one would slide the card through to reveal one question at a time. All one had to do to see the answer was turn the whole thing over, where a window on the reverse side revealed it. Each trivia card offered two different sets of questions, one about a specific Looney Tunes character and another about a general topic. The ones I have feature Bugs (with the other questions being about presidents), Daffy (with questions about the human body), and Sylvester (science).

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